Richard Brendon The Jancis Robinson Collection | Young Wine Decanter

  • £100.00

This is a generous and bold Young Wine Decanter for young wines needing aeration. Whilst holding onto the long neck, swirl the decanter energetically to allow the all important oxygen to encourage and hasten a young wine’s evolution and mellow the flavours. The bowl is also large enough to accommodate a magnum, making it the perfect centrepiece for a dinner party.

For more information on how to decant wines, read our Jancis Robinson Decanting Guide here.

The One Collection is a celebration of meticulous design, expert craftsmanship and a genuine love and appreciation for wine, making this decanter the perfect gift for any wine lover. For more information about our One Collection or the craftsmanship behind each piece, read on here.

◆ Capacity for a Magnum

◆ Lead Free

◆ Mouth-blown in Slovenia

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