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The English Wine Collection is the online English wine store for the finest English wines and latest news from this prestigious industry. 

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Here, English wines have been carefully selected for their outstanding quality and provenance, with expert advice and inspirational content straight from the vineyards and winemakers themselves.

The English Wine Collection has over 120 English wines available. It is a curated English wine collection that is updated continuously by working closely with the finest English vineyards and wineries. Our goal is to epitomise the world leading craft of wine making that the English wine industry stands for.

Passionate about English wine

The English Wine Collection is more than a wine shop. We are passionate about sharing information about the industry as a whole, as well as the wider world of British business. As a result, we produce interviews and features on our blog that explore the many connections that the English wine industry now has.  

The English Wine Collection also has its own podcast, Wine Talks British Business, featuring unique interviews with English wine producers and industry leaders from a variety of industries. The podcast includes many famous bands and discusses their connections to English wine, and also focusing on the convivial nature of wine in general. 

Topics range from interviews with English vineyards and wineries, to the most famous English brands from across many high-profile sectors. These have included The Jockey Club, Leander Club, The London Symphony Orchestra and Sothebys, to name a few. We feature a growing list of partnerships that are revealed through our unique carefully curated content.

The English Wine Collection’s team

The English wine Collection is curated, edited and served by an independent world-class team, benefiting from years in the wine trade. Based solely online, and providing a global reach, all wines are delivered from our our own stock, sourced direct from the English wine producers and English vineyards.

If you would like to stay up to date with the latest news, vintages and stories from English vineyards and latest English wine releases, sign up to our newsletter or email: contact@theenglishwinecollection.co.uk  

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'The place to buy great English wine' -The English Wine Collection is the world’s largest curated collection of English wines. From coastal vineyards to those in the Garden of England, English wines have developed to become world leading and indeed world beating, competing on the International market. From English vineyards small and large, English wines are made with personal passion and a lot of hard work, but they’re often only available in limited amounts and a small number of outlets. We scour the country for the best of the best, simplifying the process of finding and buying great English wine by bringing you the finest English wine vintages for every palette and occasion, all in one place.

English wine has arrived!

When you make a purchase from the English Wine collection, you’re making a choice to be part of the most extensive and exclusive English wine collection in the UK.
The English Wine Collection provides tailored English wine lists for your event, We can provide a unique English Wine wedding wine list too. 

We are dedicated to providing the latest news from the English Vineyards and English wineries. We do so with a series of unique and informative interviews that includes the 'Wine talks British Business' podcast with industry leaders and experts on all 'things wine'. We also host unique and informative wien tasting videos and interview which can be found under the Editorial tab in the 'Wine Videos and Film' page.

The English Wine Collection is the place for the finest English wines.

All of our English wines are delivered by a trackable express courier service securly wrapped and packed is special 'Pulptec' packaging that is 100% recyclable! Our love and passion for English wine is the driving force behind sharing this wonderful English product.  All of the English Wines, both English sparkling wine and English still wine that we stock have been selected for their fine examples of quality and 'terroir'. The Southern half of England is perfect for producing the finest English Sparkling wines. This part of England has the same geological structure, deep underground, that also lyes in the Champagne region in France, so it's quite logical that English Wines should be world class! The English Vineyards are now attracting world class wine makers from all over the wine world to develop and hone their wine producing skills. What better place is there to do so than the new vibrant industry that is 'English Wine'.

Here at The English Wine Collection we're doing our part to promote this wonderful English industry.

How do we do this? By staying on top of the lastest English wine news, sharing the stories behind the finest English Vineyards, English wine interviews with industry experts and leaders and a unique Podcast 'Wine Talks British Businessto share intimate wine stories from key figures in the wine world. This is one of the fasting growing industries with new English Vineyards 'springing up' each year and the already well established English Vineyards planting new vines and increasing the size of their English Vineyards through England all the time. So much that there are multiple vineyards who just grow English grapes and sell to nearby English Vineyards/Wineries for English wine production.

The English Wine industry is fast becoming one of the major routes for farmers to go down. In the English wine interviews that 'The English Wine Collection' has conducted we have discovered that the number of vineyards is growing year on year and out numbers the number of English wineries dramatically. In one of our English wine interviews we discovered how a former sheep farm where 'nothing would grow' turned out to be ideal English wine growing 'terroir'. This farm turned English Vineyard and winery now produces exceptional English still and Sparkling wines.

The English wine industry continues to grow and develop it's 'palate' for producing world class award winning wines.

With so many English Wines out there were do you start?

This has been one of the driving forces behind The English Collection. We have made that choice of finding and buying the finest English Wines easy by curating the best English wine list available. The English Wine Collection has the finest English Wines to be found all in one place. Most importantly ever English wine we represent, at The English Wine Collection, is a stamp of quality and class. The English Wines we have selected are the finest English wines available, tried and tasted.
Are you planning a wedding or event and don't know where to start with the wine list? Get in contact and we can provide a unique curated English wine list just for you.

Unsure where to start with English Wine, we can help!

English wine is our specialty and we pride ourselves on having the finest English wine list available.

Perhaps you're looking for unique gifts for a corporate event?

English wine is the perfect solution - in limited supply and high demand. We can also provide unique English wine tasting cards with your branding.

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