Wine Talks British Business with Abi Wright Founder at

In this episode we chat with Abi Wright, who has been a key influencer in the spa industry since launching her dynamic spa marketing and booking platform in 2008. From being a startup in the industry to becoming the market leader, she says that the keys to her success has been her determination to open up the spa industry to anyone who wants to experience it and the people she has chosen to surround herself with.
Abi talks about how she embraces a modern approach to running a business, a mindset that developed in part from her own experiences becoming a mother at the same time as starting her own company. She talks candidly about the 'work/life juggling act' that comes with being a working mother and how she has made it work.
Chatting to Abi at her home in Berkshire, in the company of her lovely spaniel, who you may just about hear panting in the background if you listen carefully, we talked about her journey, the role of the spa industry in modern society and of course, the place of food and wine within the spa experience.

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