Nathalie Vranken - Champagne Pommery on Wine Talks British Business

Natalie Vranken, along with her husband Paul Francois,  are responsible for one of the most famous Champagne’s - Champagne Pommery.
After completing her degree at the Sorbonne she started her own marketing agency at just 22 and went on to run the Montaigne Committee, an association of luxury stores in Paris which included launching the distinguished “Montaigne Grape Harvests”, a biannual event renowned around the world.
Natalie heads the marketing division of the Vranken Pommery Monopole Group which holds the distinction of being the largest vine grower in Europe. Their main brands are:-
- Champagnes Pommery avec Cuvée Louise st POP
- Champagne Vranken avec Cuvée Diamant et Cuvée Demoiselle
- Champagne Heidsieck & Co Monopole
- Champagne Charles Lafitte
- Porto Rozes et Sao Pedro
- Vins des Sables de Camarge: Domaine Royal de Jarras
- Vins de Provence: Chapelle Gordonne
Additionally Natalie is responsible, on behalf of Domaine Pommery, for developing and implementing the company’s close connection with art through the Vranken Pommery Foundation for Contempory Art. Through its patronage the greatest artists of the world are invited to exhibit their work in the company’s wine cellars in Reims.
In a wonderful conversation Natalie speaks openly about her career, about the legendary Madame Pommery who transformed Champagne with the invention of “brut”, about the company’s exciting recent venture into English sparkling wine and how this well known Champagne house constantly drives forward in innovative ways.

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