The Simpsons' wine tasting video with Henry Rymill

The Simpsons' wine tasting video with Henry Rymill



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Henry Rymill is the Sales and Events Manager at Simpsons’ Wine Estate. Before joining the team Simpsons’ he established and ran an independent wine merchant called the Wine Room in Whitstable Kent for 9 years. Prior to that he owned a small vineyard in McLaren Vale, South Australia, worked in PR and has been a Sales and Marketing Manager for similar wine estates in South Australia such as Kangarilla Road and Wirra Wirra as well as Assistant Editor of the Australian and New Zealand Wine Industry Journal. As an Australian he loves Kent and all it has to offer, and he is very excited to be involved in the English wine industry which has so much potential. He is passionate about wine, believing good wine is an important part of savouring delicious food, enjoying interesting company and leading a full life.

Simpsons' Wine Estate

Established in 2012 by Ruth and Charles Simpson in Barham, Kent, amid the pristine beauty of the Elham Valley – an unspoilt seam in the North Downs where the contours of the land, climate and soil could scarcely be improved upon for viticulture. At Simpsons', they believe that 'the finest wines convey a rich sense of provenance and integrity, firmly rooted in the characteristics and exquisite nuances of their terroir.' 

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