The Harrow and Hope wine tasting video with Henry Laithwaite

 Harrow and Hope was founded by Henry and Kaye Laithwaite which started as a consequence of falling in love with viticulture whilst living in Bordeaux and then a desire to keep it going when they moved back to the UK. They decided to choose the Thames Valley as Henry is local to the area and could see the massive potential of there. Despite it having some of the highest agricultural land prices in the UK along with it’s scarcity, they got lucky - 'right place, right time' and so snapped up a wonderful site when it came on the market. 12 years and 3 kids later they’re starting to realise how lucky they are with the quality of wines that they are able to produce from it. With a move to organics and a winery on site they have full control of the process and make sure everything they do is geared towards site expression. Henry comment's that 'It’s a lifelong project, it’s hard work but there is a lot of joy when you see and hear people enjoying these wines all around the world.'

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