Renegade Urban Winery wine tasting with Warwick Smith


In Warwick's own words: 'Breaking the rules, one bottle at a time.'

I grew up in the UK, went to school in France and lived and worked in SE Asia for many years. I have always loved wine. After working in finance services for 15yrs, I wanted a major change. I wanted to make something, create something, build something and wine for me was the obvious choice. It has travel, the land, science, art, food, fun, design, great people and enjoyment at its heart. It is also a part of the drinks world that is ripe for disruption. Wine in the UK is still perceived as elitist and it’s intimidating for many. Let’s change that and break the rules, one bottle at a time. Oh and wineries and vineyards also have dogs. I love dogs. I started Renegade as I thought there was a big piece missing in the London wine scene. Why was nobody making world class wines here?!?!? The best thing about wine production in London (and let’s be honest, the UK) is that there is no real winemaking tradition. There is no ingrained history or ‘we have always done it this way….’ nonsense. As such, we escape tradition and appellation guidelines and make new, innovative wines. Combining the best grapes in Europe with world class winemaking and innovative, forward thinking production methods. Urban wineries are a growing trend globally but for some reason London has been slow on the uptake. Bringing winemaking into the cities should not be seen as strange. Urban wineries should be just as normal as urban breweries. People think going to a brewery in London is normal. In the next 10yrs, let’s hope it’s seen as just as normal to go to an urban winery. London is so close to brilliant English vineyards and the continent is only a stone’s throw away. Modern cold chain logistics mean that getting super fresh, hand harvested, incredible premium grapes to London is not a big deal if you’ve got access to great growers. 

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