Idris Elba's Porte Noire Champagne Wine tasting with David Farber

After a long career in investment banking between Paris and London (bnp paribas, Citi), David launched IGWines as a founding partner. He then started Monopole Wine in 2012 with the opening of Connaught Cellars in 2016. 

He believes that the opening of physical shops is counter trend to the continuous increase of online shopping, but there will be a growing space for specialist retailers , even more so in the wine sector where customers are in demand for personal recommendations. 

Idris Elba quote:

About three years ago, I was introduced to David Farber. David’s a friend of a friend and, long story short, he told me about Sanger [the vineyard run by the Avize Viti Campus]. He was like, “Sanger are really big fans of yours and they would love you to visit them one day.” One day, I found myself in Paris doing some work and instead of going home after my job, I went to the school. The history of the Champagne region really landed on me. It dawned on me how intricate and how precious the art of Champagne making is, considering that it was almost obliterated during the war. And Sanger stood the test of time.

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