Jonica and Gerard Fox  - Fox & Fox Mayfield 

Jonica and Gerard Fox - Fox & Fox Mayfield 

Fox and Fox Mayfield English sparkling wine

Jonica and Gerard are united in their love for fizz.  Since they planted their vineyards and established their Fox & Fox Mayfield brand together, they have focussed on delivering top quality English Sparkling Wines that are as good with food as they are on their own.

They both have past, careers in banking and advertising before they started to grow grapes and make wine. Both have used their skills to pursue their drive for quality.

Jonica says:  I am constantly impressed by Gerard’s skill set, he’s key to our blending and dosage trials as he has a good palate and a highly critical approach which is informed by constantly tasting.  He’s as good in the tractor as he is in looking at our business development.

Most importantly, he’s a rational voice when I get over-faced.    

We are a small company with a management team that is just the two of us so we both have to turn our hands to many tasks.  We’ve come to realise that we have very complementary skills and can work happily and well together and with our team. We share a common philosophy about environmentally responsible grape-growing and minimal manipulation in the winery.'

Gerard says: “Jonica manages the vineyard and wine-making, we work together on the detail of the wines.   What I value is her creativity; we have made some joyously enjoyable award-winning wines because she championed a grape or wanted to push the envelope with low intervention production.”

To which Jonica replies: “Gerard is hiding his light! One of our most delicious wines came from an idea he had to blend our grapes to represent the balance of fruit grown in our vineyard.  The result is a Limited-Edition wine called Chairman’s Vat from the 2014 vintage that has won competition medals, critic’s accolades and an enthusiastic fan-base since it was released. Jonica adds “I always listen to him when we are blending.  I like his detailed and exhaustive approach to finding the optimal balance.”

They both say they have the same high standards.  When it comes to their wines: they look for a flavour profile that starts with pure fruit notes that capture the essence of the grapes, widens to fill the mouth with a small-bubble, gently effervescing mousse and finishing on a refreshing lift that leaves you wanting more. Jonica sums it up as: "we put a huge focus on growing enticingly flavourful grapes and then letting them speak for themselves”.

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