Corinne Seely (Wine Director) and Fred Langdale (Vineyard Director) Exton Park

Corinne Seely (Wine Director) and Fred Langdale (Vineyard Director) Exton Park

Exton Park


Philosophy- The secret to perfection is patience 

We believe there is only one way to make world class sparkling wine in the UK. 

Our Reserve Blends are crafted, almost exclusively, from a library of wines curated, stored and aged over the past decade. Our winemaker composes our blends from a huge variety of flavours captured from our 60 acre vineyard each year. 

This completely unique approach sets a new standard for contemporary winemaking. We guarantee excellence in every sip across each wine, year-after-year. 

We are, and always will be, a single vineyard producer offering a level of quality, consistency and space to innovate rarely seen in our industry. 

60 Acres of Hampshire 

At Exton Park, we know that extraordinary flavour starts with our soil. Our vineyard is built, quite literally, from the ground up, on the distinctive chalky soil that sets our sixty acres of Hampshire apart. Our single vineyard has nine plots, carefully nurtured by Fred and his team, each planted at a different altitude and aspect, offering exceptional variation in our grapes. 

We nourish and regenerate our vineyard using the most natural methods possible, through the planting of wildflowers, grasses and cover crops and meticulous hand-pruning of our 120,000 vines. Come harvest time, only the ripest fruit is hand-selected and swiftly transported to our purpose-built winery at the top of vineyard. 

The grapes are picked and pressed plot by plot, for superior distinctive flavour. 

The fresh juice is then fermented for the first time, creating still wines which we add to our reserve library. The wines are now ready to be transformed through the skill and experience of our head winemaker, Corinne Seely. Exton Park Vineyard, Allens Farm Lane, Exton, Hampshire SO32 3NW Tel: 014898 878788 

Reserve Blend – Our Signature Sip 

At Exton Park, we have pioneered a new approach to traditional method sparkling wines – our signature Reserve Blends. 

If the grapes are born in the vineyard, they come of age in our winery. This gleaming labyrinth of small-batch tanks have been meticulously designed by Corinne to house Exton Park’s rarest treasure – our library of reserve wines, curated with care since 2011. It is here that, every year after the harvest, the winemaking team cloister themselves away to begin the delicate science of composing our wines. 

Unlike most wine producers, our wines are artfully blended from our archive of reserves. We don’t use a base vintage, relying instead on our unique library to offer a complexity rarely seen in English sparkling wine. This guarantees the quality of every bottle, irrespective of the year’s weather or yield. It also provides exceptional consistency of flavour, ensuring that every sip is the purest possible reflection of our Hampshire vineyard. 

Once a Reserve Blend has been crafted by our winery team, it is bottled and laid to rest in our wine cellars. It’s here that the wine matures, evolves and ferments for the second time, creating the delicate pearlescent bubbles and complexity iconic of Exton Park. 

60 acres of Hampshire, bottled. 

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