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Renegade Urban Winery

Renegade Urban Winery - Courtney - Nero Di Troia 2019

Renegade Urban Winery - Courtney - Nero Di Troia 2019

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Made from grapes grown in Puglia, Italy which are hand harvested then shipped by Renegade in refrigerated trucks at 2˚C direct to the London winery where they are made into wine. Renegade state proudly that this wine is 'fully made in London, UK.'

If you know and are familiar with this grape variety, Nero Di Troia, this wine may not be what you expect. Often these wines are very chewy, bold, tannic and have a raisiny palate weight. They are often big, deeply coloured wines. This wine is not like that at all. This wine has much more of a Pinot Noir-esque elegence. 

This is an unusal wine. Medium bodied, soft and silky but with a palma violet and cardomon aroma and a palate of cherries and figs.

A really moorish wine suitable for both food as well as drinking on it's own. 

Courtney is a freelance chef who lives in South London. We met him while he was working in Central London and he had a very rough 2020. He had a really unlucky rollerblading accident and broke his hip/pelvis. The poor lad was bedbound for most of 2020 but did manage to come in again for the photo shoot in December for the 2020 vintage. We have made this again as we really love it. 

If anyone cares, this wine, like all our wines, is vegan friendly. This does not mean they wave to vegans in the street, they are just made without the use of any animal based winemaking products.

Grape: Nero Di Troia

Alcohol :

Serve with : Lite game dishes, hearty  salads. 

For more on Renegade including a wine tasting video and short documentary film click his link. 

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