English Wine Profiles — Ridgeview

Tamara Roberts Ridgeview CEO

Tamara Roberts Ridgeview CEO

Tamara Roberts Ridgeview CEO  Tamara began her career by obtaining a Degree in Law and Accountancy then working in the London financial services industry. In 2004 Tamara took the decision to join her family’s business Ridgeview in order to grow the business, originally as General Manager and was promoted to CEO in July 2014. Tamara is responsible for the day to day running of the business, ensuring all areas are working together to achieve the best results and representing Ridgeview to stakeholders and the outside world.  Tamara has overseen the growth of production in that time from 25,000 bottles per...

Simon Roberts Ridgeview Head Winemaker

Simon Roberts  Ridgeview Head Winemaker

 Simon Roberts  Ridgeview Head Winemaker   Simon began his career studying Marine Engineering stemming from his love of sailing. After Simon’s parents established Ridgeview, spotting Southern England as excellent potential for sparkling wine production in 1995 Simon took a keen interest. Originally Simon specialised in viticulture, moving on to also study winemaking at Plumpton College. With a naturally skilled palate identified, Simon took a keen interest in winemaking and went to complete a vintage in Australia. Originally Simon shared the Winemaking with his father Mike Roberts. Since his Dad’s in passing in 2014 Simon has headed up the Winemaking team,...